What does IRSTBO stand for?

It really sucks the big one

IRSTBO is a slang acronym used in online chats or text messages, and it stands for “It really sucks the big one“. Basically, it’s a way to say something is awful or terrible.

People use IRSTBO to make their message shorter. But keep in mind, it’s not a well-known acronym. So, if you use it with someone who doesn’t already know what it stands for, you might need to explain it.

That said, it’s best to use IRSTBO only when you’re chatting with people who are already familiar with it. Otherwise, you’ll have to tell them what it means and that sort of beats the purpose of using an acronym in the first place.

Example for using ‘IRSTBO’ in a conversation

Ugh, my car broke down again. 😣

Oh no, that’s the worst! 😫

Yeah, it IRSTBO. 😑

Totally agree, it’s such a hassle. 😀