What does ISP stand for?

Internet Service Provider

An ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. It’s a business or organization that gives you the keys to the online world, connecting you to the vast world of the Internet. Names you might recognize in this space include Comcast, CenturyLink, Cox, and Time Warner Cable.

But ISPs do more than just provide Internet access. They can also help you set up email accounts, purchase domain names for your website, and even host your site on the web.

To get online, you’ll usually connect your computer to a modem. This modem is then linked to a cable outlet. The modem sends and receives signals from your ISP, which is directly linked to the Internet’s backbone. This is the path that your data takes to travel around the Internet.

Example for using ‘ISP’ in a conversation

Hey, do you know what an ISP is?

Yeah, it stands for Internet Service Provider. They give us access to the Internet.

Oh, got it! So, which ISP do you use?

I’m with Xfinity. They’re pretty good.