What does ISTM mean?

It seems to me

When someone says ‘ISTM’, they’re about to share their viewpoint on a situation. It’s short for ‘it seems to me’, and it’s a clear way to signal that they’re about to give their take on things. Say, your dad texts you: “ISTM you’re not giving your all… maybe you should rethink your job.”

But it’s not just limited to text messages amongst family and friends. If you’re an active user on online forums, you’re probably familiar with ISTM. People use it to start their posts when they’re about to share their opinion. This way, they make it clear that what they’re saying is their personal view and may not necessarily be the absolute truth.

So, the next time you see ISTM being used, you’ll know that someone’s about to share their perspective. It doesn’t always mean they’re right, as it’s just their opinion. But it does make online conversations easier to follow and understand.

Example for using ‘ISTM’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the new episode of that show last night?

ISTM it was really good! The plot twists were unexpected.

Yeah, I agree. ISTM the writers did a great job keeping us hooked.

ISTM they’re setting up for an exciting season finale.