What does ITTWACW stand for?

I thought this was a Christian website

Imagine you stumble across an online discussion where someone uses the term ITTWACW. You might scratch your head, wondering what it means. Well, it’s an acronym used to express disbelief or shock that a website, which one assumes to be Christian, is not behaving in a Christian-like manner.

For instance, if a man named Tom reads an article on a seemingly Christian website and finds inappropriate language, he might comment, “Why the harsh language? ITTWACW“.

Now, it’s worth noting that ITTWACW is not a commonly used term. You might never come across it in your online interactions. But if you do, it’s likely to be in a context where someone is expressing disappointment over the content of a website they thought was Christian.

The chances are you will encounter this term in emails or forum posts. People use it when they feel a Christian-based website is publishing content that doesn’t align with their Christian beliefs.

Example for using ‘ITTWACW’ in a conversation

Hey, have you checked out that new website?

Yeah, I did. But ITTWACW, there’s some inappropriate language in their articles.

Oh really? That’s surprising. I thought it was a Christian website.

Same here! It’s kind of disappointing.