What does Iv stand for?


When you hear ‘Iv’ in a health context, it’s a shorter way of saying “intravenous therapy”. This is a procedure often used in hospitals to give patients fluids directly into their veins.

Why would you need an ‘Iv’? Well, there’s a lot it can do. It’s a quick and effective way of delivering medication, conducting blood transfusions, administering chemotherapy, or correcting electrolyte imbalances in the body.

What makes an ‘Iv’ so special? It’s the best way to deliver fluids throughout the body fast. When time matters, an ‘Iv’ can make all the difference.

Example for using ‘Iv’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Mike? He’s in the hospital.

Oh no, what happened?

He had to get an Iv. They’re giving him fluids through his veins.

I hope he feels better soon. Iv’s are quick and effective.