What does IWBB stand for?

I will be back

IWBB is an online term that people usually use when they need to step away from a conversation but plan to return soon. It’s similar to BRB, another acronym used in digital communication, but is less common and more wordy.

The use of BRB usually implies a short absence, maybe just a few minutes or sometimes hours. You might use it when you need to do a quick task or when you have to take a bathroom break, often referred to in a playful way as ‘dropping the kids off at the pool’.

If you’re going to be away for a longer time, it’s better to use a more definitive goodbye. Phrases like l8r, LUB, and gb are often used to indicate a longer absence or the end of the conversation.

Example for using ‘IWBB’ in a conversation

Hey, are you busy right now?

No, what’s up?

I need to step away for a bit, but I’ll be back soon. IWBB.

No problem, take your time! Just let me know when you’re back.