What does Jab mean?


Ever heard of the term ‘Jab’? It’s a popular slang, especially in British and Scottish circles, used to talk about vaccinations or injections. It’s pretty much the same as saying ‘shot’ in American lingo.

So, if someone in the UK says they’re going for a ‘jab’, they’re most likely talking about getting vaccinated. It’s just their way of referring to an injection or a vaccine.

Remember, slang terms can vary from place to place. So, ‘jab’ might mean something else in a different location but in the UK, it’s all about those all-important vaccines.

That’s it for ‘jab’. Keep in mind that understanding a country’s local slang can help you fit in better and avoid any potential misunderstandings. So, next time you hear ‘jab’, you’ll know they’re not talking about a punch!

Example for using ‘Jab’ in a conversation

Hey, have you gotten your jab yet? πŸ’‰

Yes, I got it yesterday! 😷

How did it go? Did it hurt? 😬

Not at all! It was just a quick jab, barely felt a thing. πŸ’ͺ