Jack Up

What does Jack Up mean?

‘Jack Up’ means ‘Increase’

When someone uses the term ‘Jack Up’, they’re usually talking about an increase in something. This could be an increase in the price of something or even boosting the features of something. The term ‘Jack Up’ is derived from the jack, a tool used for lifting heavy objects.

This phrase is often used when someone is unhappy about a price increase. For instance, if Sarah goes to buy a phone and the vendor raises the price, she might say, “I couldn’t buy the phone, the seller jacked up the price.”

Another way ‘Jack Up’ is used is to describe something that has been damaged or ruined. Imagine if Bob got into a car accident and broke his leg, he could say that his leg and car both got jacked up.

So remember, the slang ‘Jack Up’ can either refer to an increase in something or it can mean that something got wrecked. It’s an easy way to express dissatisfaction or describe a messy situation.

Example for using ‘Jack Up’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new iPhone?

Yeah, but they jacked up the price again! It’s way too expensive now. 😑

I know, right? It’s ridiculous how they keep increasing the price every year.

I was really excited to get it, but I had to walk away when they jacked up the price.