What does Jacked mean?

Super strong and muscular

If someone is described as being “jacked”, it means they have an impressive, muscular physique. You might use this term when you see a friend with a ripped body at a pool party and say, “Wow, when did you become so jacked?”

This slang is often used in the world of fitness and bodybuilding. An example of this might be your gym partner messaging you, “Heading to the gym to get jacked! Are you coming?”

But it’s not just gym-goers who use this term. Even people outside of the fitness community use it to describe someone who has bulked up. For instance, fans on social media might comment on how an actor has gotten “jacked” for a superhero movie role.

Example for using ‘Jacked’ in a conversation

Friend: Hey, did you see that new superhero movie?

You: Yeah, I watched it last night. The actor got so jacked for that role!

Friend: Right? I couldn’t believe it. He looked incredibly muscular!

You: Totally! I wish I could get jacked like that.