What does JAG stand for?

Just a guy

When NFL scouts are talking about a player who is just average, they often use the acronym JAG. It stands for ‘Just Another Guy’. It’s their way of saying that the player isn’t bad, but he isn’t great either. He’s just another guy on the field.

But this term isn’t only used in the sports world. Sometimes, girls also use JAG to describe a guy who doesn’t really catch their eye. It could be someone they met on a blind date, for example. If the guy doesn’t make a big impression, he might be referred to as a JAG.

So, whether you’re talking about football or dating, JAG is a way to describe someone who is pretty average. They blend in with the crowd and don’t stand out in any particular way.

Example for using ‘JAG’ in a conversation

Hey, have you met that new guy in our class?

Yeah, I have. He’s just a guy, nothing special.