What does JAM stand for?

Just a minute

When you’re in the middle of a game or a chat and you need a brief pause, you can use the slang term ‘JAM’. It’s a quick and easy way to say “just a minute” to the others you’re interacting with. It’s used in similar situations as “hold on a second” (HOAS), but might indicate a slightly longer wait than the JAS acronym.

This term comes in handy particularly when time is crucial while texting or messaging online. Whether it’s a real-time conversation or an intense gaming session, ‘JAM’ is a way to communicate a need for a short break.

For instance, imagine you’re discussing homework with a buddy on text and suddenly your dad asks you a question. You can simply send a quick message saying, “JAM. Need to chat with the old man.” Or maybe you’re deep into a gaming session and nature calls. You can let your fellow gamers know by typing, “JAM, need a bathroom break.”

Example for using ‘JAM’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to chat?

Yeah, what’s up?

JAM. Gotta take a quick call.

No problem, take your time.