What does Jammies mean?

‘Jammies’ is slang for ‘Pajamas’

When someone says they’re wearing their ‘Jammies’, they’re simply talking about their sleepwear, also known as pajamas. This term is often used by kids and those who work from home (WFH), making it a universal term for comfortable clothing worn to bed.

‘Jammies’ can be pretty much any kind of clothing as long as it’s comfy enough to sleep in. Sweatpants, footie PJs, nightgowns, or even just a t-shirt and underwear can all be referred to as ‘Jammies’. The key point is that ‘Jammies’ should be comfortable and suitable for sleeping in.

Interestingly, the term ‘Jammies’ doesn’t always refer to actual clothes. Sometimes, people use it to indicate that they’re getting ready to go to bed. So when your buddy says, “I’m gonna go put on my Jammies. Goodnight.”, they are likely just telling you that they’re calling it a day.

Example for using ‘Jammies’ in a conversation

Hey, what are you up to tonight?

Not much, just chilling at home. Gonna put on my jammies and watch some movies. How about you?

Sounds cozy! I’m doing the same. Jammies and Netflix all the way!

Haha, perfect combo! Enjoy your jammies time and have a great evening!