What does JB stand for?


JB is a slang term that iPhone and iPad users might use as a shorthand for “jailbreak.” When you jailbreak a device, you’re lifting the built-in system restrictions. This lets you install apps outside of the official Apple App Store and change your phone’s operating system on a jailbroken iPhone.

There are plenty of third-party apps and tools that let iOS users JB their devices. But bear in mind, jailbreaking your device goes against Apple’s end-user license agreement, so think twice before using a jailbreak tool.

JB can also mean something completely different to Android users. They might use it as an abbreviation for Jelly Bean, a past version of the Android operating system.

People who aren’t tech-savvy might use JB in yet another way. For them, it could mean someone they see as jailbait.

Example for using ‘JB’ in a conversation

Hey, did you JB your iPhone?

Yeah, I did! Now I can install cool apps from outside the App Store.

That’s awesome! But isn’t it against Apple’s rules?

Yeah, it is. So, I had to think carefully before doing it.