What does Jet mean?

Exit rapidly

If you’ve heard someone say they have to “jet,” it means they need to split quickly. Picture this: you’re hanging out with your pals when the dog walker rings to say your pup has had an accident. You might tell your buddies, “Apologies, but I need to jet. My pup’s in trouble.”

The term “jet” is inspired by the high-speed takeoff of an airplane. It’s been a part of our everyday lingo since the 20th century, and it’s not just confined to face-to-face conversations. It’s pretty common in text messages and online chats too.

Jetting isn’t just for emergencies though. Maybe you’re late for a meeting, forgot about a date, or you spot a rainbow and want to grab a photo before it fades. Whenever you have to move fast, you’re “jetting.”

Example for using ‘Jet’ in a conversation

Hey, are you coming to the party tonight?

I want to, but I have to jet. My boss just called and said there’s an emergency at work.

Oh no, that’s too bad. We’ll miss you!

Yeah, I’m really sorry. Hopefully, I can make it next time.