What does JJA stand for?

Just joking around

Ever been in a situation where a friend, let’s say Jake, sends you a message that could be taken the wrong way? And he quickly follows up with ‘JJA’? If you’re wondering what that means, well, Jake is ‘just joking around’. It’s a quick way for him to let you know that he didn’t mean to upset you with his previous message.

So, whenever you receive a ‘JJA’ in your messages, it’s likely that the person sending it realizes their joke might have been a little too much. It’s their way of saying sorry without actually saying it. You can think of ‘JJA’ as an unspoken apology.

How you respond to a ‘JJA’ message could be in a couple of ways. You could either accept it and respond with ‘NP’, which stands for ‘No Problem’. Or if you’re still not happy with the joke, you could reply with ‘NF’, meaning ‘Not Funny’. Remember, ‘JJA’ is a slang term mostly used in casual conversations to lighten the mood.

Example for using ‘JJA’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new restaurant that opened downtown? The food is supposed to be amazing!

JJA, I heard they serve gourmet hot dogs topped with caviar. Can you imagine?

Haha, that’s ridiculous! I can’t even picture that in my mind. πŸ˜‚

Exactly! It’s so over the top, but it’s just a fun concept. JJA, I wouldn’t actually eat that!