What does JJWY stand for?

Just joking with you

When someone blasts you with a JJWY, they’re simply trying to tell you that they’re “just joking with you”. This acronym is a less popular cousin of JK (just kidding).

Usually, you’ll find JJWY popping up in your messages when someone is messing around or pulling your leg. Say, for instance, your buddy sends you a joke that rubs you the wrong way, they might smooth things over by dropping a JJWY in the chat.

So, next time you see JJWY, remember they’re not being serious. It’s all just for laughs!

Example for using ‘JJWY’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear that they cancelled the concert?

What? No way! I was so excited for it…

Haha, JJWY! The concert is still on.

You scared me for a moment! Not funny…