What does JOOC stand for?

Just out of curiosity

JOOC is a shortened form that stands for “just out of curiosity”. It’s often used when you’re chatting online, sending text messages, or posting on social media. You might see it right before a question or when someone is explaining why they’re asking or doing something.

However, keep in mind that JOOC isn’t a well-known acronym. So, if you use it, there’s a chance the person you’re talking to might not know what it means. To avoid any confusion, it might be easier to just write out “just out of curiosity”.

Example for using ‘JOOC’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new movie?

No, I haven’t. JOOC, is it any good?

Yeah, it’s actually really funny! You should check it out.

Oh, cool! JOOC, who’s in it?