What does Joshing mean?


Ever heard someone say they’re just ‘Joshing’ and wondered what they meant? Well, it’s a fun way to say they’re “joking around” or “just kidding”. So next time someone uses this term, you’ll know they’re just having a laugh.

The term ‘Joshing’ has an interesting backstory. It comes from an enterprising deaf mute named Jacob Thompson back in the 1800s. He pulled off a big con on different American merchants and made a lot of money off the U.S. nickel. So, the term ‘Joshing’ is named after a real-life trickster!

Sometimes, you might also hear ‘Joshin”. It’s just a cooler way to say ‘Joshing’. It’s all part of the fun and games of slang.

Example for using ‘Joshing’ in a conversation

Hey, did you really eat the whole pizza by yourself?

Yeah, totally! I was so hungry I could eat a horse!

Wow, I can’t believe you ate all that!

Nah, I’m just joshing. I shared it with my brother.