What does Juiced mean?

Pumped up

Being “juiced” is a slang term that means being pumped up or full of energy about something. It’s like saying a person is so excited they’re filled to the brim with energy, or juice, like a battery.

Let’s say you’re thrilled about going on a date with someone you’ve been crushing on. A friend might notice your buzz and say, “You’re totally juiced for this date!

Or perhaps you’re hosting a party for the NBA Finals. You might post a photo of all the snacks you’ve prepared and caption it, “Super juiced for the big game tonight. It’s gonna be epic!” In this case, you’re using ‘juiced’ to express your enthusiasm for the event.

Example for using ‘Juiced’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new Marvel movie trailer?

Yeah, I did. I’m so juiced for it. Can’t wait to watch the movie!

Same here. It looks epic!

Totally, the graphics and storyline seems thrilling. I’m juiced!