Keep It 100

What does Keep It 100 mean?

Be honest with who you are

‘Keep It 100’ is a popular slang phrase encouraging authenticity. It’s like saying “be yourself” and emphasizes living according to your own values, regardless of what others may think. This phrase is an updated version of the older phrase “keep it real”, and it became trendy in 2018.

The number 100 in the phrase is symbolic. Just like getting a 100% score on a test or being 100% healthy, it signifies being complete or whole. Everyone wants to feel whole and complete, right? That’s the idea behind the phrase.

So, when you tell someone to ‘Keep It 100’, you’re essentially telling them that they’re great just the way they are and they should stay true to themselves. It’s a positive and empowering phrase.

Often, the phrase is accompanied by the red 100 points emoji – it’s like saying “keep it [emoji]”. Another cool way to say it is “keep it hundo p”. So, next time you want to encourage someone to be true to themselves, tell them to ‘Keep It 100’.

Example for using ‘Keep It 100’ in a conversation

Hey, just wanted to check in. How’s everything going?

Hey! Everything’s good, just trying to navigate through some tough decisions.

I get it. Remember, always keep it 100. Stay true to yourself no matter what.

You’re right. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll make sure to keep it 100.