Keeper League

What does Keeper League mean in Fantasy Sports?

A type of fantasy sports league where players are retained

A Keeper League is a specific type of fantasy sports league that goes on for more than one season. Unlike standard leagues that only last for a single season, this kind offers the option for owners to retain their players from the previous year.

These leagues are found across a range of sports including football, baseball, basketball, and hockey among others. It’s not just confined to a single sport but extends to any game that involves player participation.

The number of players you get to keep for the upcoming season can vary based on specific league rules. Generally, it’s common for the league to allow an owner to retain approximately half of his team from the prior season.

However, there are also Dynasty Leagues which offer you the choice to keep all your players unless you decide to let go of one or more in order to draft incoming rookies or secure other free agents. This setup makes it feel more like managing an actual sports team because you get to draft and manage your team over multiple seasons.

Example for using ‘Keeper League’ in a conversation

Hey, are you joining the fantasy basketball league this year?

Yeah, for sure. Is it a keeper league?

Yep, you can keep half your team for the next season.

Awesome, I love the strategy involved with keeper leagues!