What does Knw mean?


People often shorten ‘know’ to ‘knw’ when they are messaging or chatting. This shorthand is a part of the usual text lingo that also includes terms like ‘tht’, ‘wld’, ‘cld’, and ‘hav’, where vowels are removed for convenience.

Typically, ‘knw’ is used when asking questions or stating facts. For instance, someone might ask, “Did u knw I have a crush on Samantha?”. On the other hand, they might also say, “Every1 knws u are into Samantha.”

Interestingly, ‘knw’ can also stand for ‘knew’, which is the past tense of ‘know’. The context of the conversation usually makes it clear whether ‘knw’ is being used in the present or past tense.

Example for using ‘Knw’ in a conversation

Hey, did u knw the new Avengers movie is out?

Yeah, I knw! I’m so excited to watch it. Have u seen it yet?

No, not yet. But I heard it’s really good. Let’s plan to go this weekend!

Sounds like a plan! I knw a theater nearby. I’ll book the tickets. πŸŽ₯🍿