What does LAFS stand for?

Love at first sight

LAFS is a shorthand way of saying “love at first sight”. It’s a term used by lovebirds to express the feeling of instantly falling in love with someone as soon as they see them.

When you’re chatting or texting with a buddy who’s just fallen head over heels in love, they might use LAFS to tell you about their immediate attraction. It’s a term that captures the magic and excitement of instant love.

On dating apps, you’re likely to come across LAFS in messages from potential partners. They might use it in a flirty pickup line to convey their instant attraction or affection towards you.

Example for using ‘LAFS’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I had LAFS today! 😍

Really? Tell me more! Who’s the lucky person? πŸ’•

I was at the coffee shop and saw this amazing guy. It was LAFS, I tell you! ❀️

That’s so sweet! Did you talk to him? 😊