What does Lawls mean?

Laugh out loud

Lawls is a fun twist on the more widely known term LOL. This term is used to express a series of small laughs, much like the way LOL is used to represent laughter. Essentially, lawls is the plural form of lawl, a phonetic variation of LOL.

It’s a term favored by younger people, especially teenagers and young adults. You’re less likely to see older adults using “lawls,” as they tend to prefer the familiar LOL. It’s commonly used in texting and online messaging.

To give you an idea of how it’s used, consider this scenario. Say a college student named James gets a hilarious meme from his buddy. He might reply with “Haha, lawls!” And, when a teenage girl named Emily receives a cringe-worthy text from her dad, she could respond with, “Lawls, dad, you’re so old school.”

Example for using ‘Lawls’ in a conversation

Friend: Hey, did you see that hilarious video I sent you?

You: Haha, yeah! Lawls, that was so funny! πŸ˜‚

Friend: I knew you’d love it! Lawls, you have the best sense of humor!

You: Aw, thanks! Lawls, you always find the best videos to share!