What does LC mean?

Let’s celebrate

When someone is feeling festive or happy about something, they might send you a message with “LC”. This can happen during joyous moments such as during birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations.

For instance, if your buddy tells you about his promotion at work, you could respond with, “Wow! LC!” Similarly, if you found out that your new acquaintance’s birthday is approaching, you could say, “I heard your birthday is soon, LC! What’s your favorite restaurant?”

You can also spot people using LC on the internet, particularly on social media platforms. A perfect example could be when your friend comments “LC!” on your update about your decade-long sobriety.

Example for using ‘LC’ in a conversation

Friend 1: Just got a promotion at work! πŸŽ‰ LC!

Friend 2: That’s amazing! 🎊 LC for sure! Let’s go out and celebrate!

Friend 1: Definitely! I’m thinking dinner and drinks. Any suggestions?

Friend 2: How about that new Italian restaurant downtown? It’s supposed to be really good! 🍝🍷