What does LCG stand for?

Living card game

LCG stands for “living card games”. These are games where players create custom decks of cards and compete against each other or cooperate. The concept is similar to TCGs and CCGs, but with one major difference. Rather than buying random “booster packs” to get new cards, LCGs sell expansion packs that contain a certain set of cards. This means LCG players always know what cards they’re getting when they buy an expansion.

The term LCG is a registered trademark mainly used to discuss a type of card games produced by Fantasy Flight Games. This company has released a range of LCGs, like Star Wars: The Card Game, The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, and Marvel Champions: The Card Game. These games can all be referred to as an LCG.

In some situations, LCG may be used to describe a card game that isn’t by Fantasy Flight but follows the same release pattern as Fantasy Flight’s LCGs. For instance, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game isn’t a Fantasy Flight game. Yet, as it includes a core set and a number of fixed expansions, players might call it an LCG.

Example for using ‘LCG’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about LCGs?

Yeah, it stands for Living Card Games.

Exactly! They’re like TCGs and CCGs, but different.

How so?

Well, instead of buying random booster packs, LCGs sell expansion packs with fixed cards.

Ah, got it. So you always know what cards you’re getting.

Exactly! Fantasy Flight Games has some popular LCGs like Star Wars: The Card Game and The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.

Cool! But can any card game with fixed expansions be called an LCG?

Not necessarily. LCG is a trademarked term used mainly for Fantasy Flight’s games, but some non-Fantasy Flight games can be referred to as LCGs too if they follow the same release model.

Oh, got it. Thanks for explaining!