What does Leadoff mean in Baseball?

First one up to bat in the lineup is ‘Leadoff’

In baseball, ‘Leadoff’ is a term used to describe the first batter in the lineup. This player is usually the one with the best ability to get on base and is also known for his speed. However, these players are typically not very powerful hitters.

This is because powerful hitters are often placed 3rd, 4th, or 5th in the lineup. This strategic placement allows them to score runs when the leadoff hitter gets on base. This is why the leadoff hitter is often referred to as the “table setter”.

The role of a leadoff hitter is crucial as they set the stage for the rest of the team. By getting on base, they provide opportunities for other players to score runs and push the team towards a victory.

Example for using ‘Leadoff’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the baseball game last night?

Yeah, it was intense! The leadoff hitter hit a home run on the first pitch!

Wow, that’s impressive! The leadoff really set the tone for the team.

Definitely! He’s so fast and always gets on base. They call him the “table setter”.