What does Leather mean in Baseball?

Ability to Defend

When you hear the slang ‘Leather’ in baseball, it’s all about a player’s defensive skills. The term comes straight from the very stuff baseball gloves are made of.

Just as a glove is essential in catching and throwing the ball, a player’s defensive ability is crucial in the game. So, when someone says a player has ‘Leather’, they are complimenting the player’s defensive prowess.

This is a simple way for fans and players to communicate about the game. It’s just one of the many colorful terms that make baseball such a unique and interesting sport.

Example for using ‘Leather’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that amazing catch in the baseball game last night? 🤩

Yeah, it was incredible! That player has some serious leather. 🧤

I know, right?! Their defense ability is on another level. ⚾️

Definitely! Their leather skills make a huge difference in the game. 🙌