Liberal Tears

What does Liberal Tears mean?

Gripes from a liberal

‘Liberal Tears’ is a slang term used to describe the perceived complaints or reactions of people with left-leaning or liberal ideologies, often associated with the Democratic party. Usually, these complaints are in response to actions or statements made by individuals with right-leaning or conservative ideologies, often linked with the Republican party.

This term was coined by conservatives as a way to tease or ridicule liberals, portraying them as overly sensitive, prone to crying, and having the intelligence level of a baby. The term implies that liberals are often quick to express their dissatisfaction or disagreement with conservative viewpoints, often in a manner that conservatives perceive as whining or crying.

The usage of ‘Liberal Tears’ is quite common on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It is often used in discussions involving liberal politicians, activists, or celebrities. The term is used to dismiss or mock the reactions of liberals to conservative actions or policies.

Example for using ‘Liberal Tears’ in a conversation

Did you see that article about the new tax proposal?

Yeah, I did. It’s just more liberal tears about the rich not paying their fair share.

I know, right? They always complain about everything!

Exactly! It’s like they can’t handle any opposing views without crying about it.