Line Drive

What does Line Drive mean in Baseball?

Baseball hit hard and flying in the air

Line Drive is a term used in baseball that’s all about how the ball is hit. It’s a really hard hit that flies in a straight path, kind of like a line. It’s not like a “bloop” or a “Texas Leaguer” which are softer, less direct hits.

A line drive can end up in a variety of ways on the field. It might be a hit, meaning the batter successfully reaches a base. Or it could be an error, which is when a fielder messes up and allows the batter to reach a base.

But a line drive can also result in an out. This happens when a fielder catches the ball before it hits the ground. No matter the result, a line drive is always a sign of a well-hit ball. It’s a term that really captures the excitement and skill of the game.

Example for using ‘Line Drive’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that line drive by the batter?

Yeah, that was a hard hit ball! It flew straight like a rocket!