Link Rot

What does Link Rot mean?

When internet links stop working

When you hear the term ‘Link Rot’, it’s all about those web links that used to work but don’t anymore. They’ve gone dead, either because the web page or file they used to take you to isn’t there anymore, or it’s been moved to a different web address.

As the internet keeps getting older, more and more links are suffering from link rot. This can be frustrating when you’re trying to access information that used to be there, but isn’t anymore.

It’s also a bit worrying, because so much information these days is stored only online. If all that information starts disappearing, where does that leave us? That’s why there have been a lot of studies trying to figure out just how big of a problem link rot is, and how much information we might be losing because of it.

One thing’s for sure though – let’s hope those researchers aren’t storing the results of their studies online, or they might end up getting hit by link rot themselves!

By the way, you might come across some other terms that are the same as link rot. So if you hear about ‘link death’ or ‘link breaking’, they’re talking about the same thing.

Example for using ‘Link Rot’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that article I sent you last week?

Yeah, I tried opening it, but it seems like the link is dead. πŸ€”

Oh no! It must be link rot. That happens when web links go dead.

That’s so frustrating! I wish websites would update their links more often.