What does Lit mean?


When something is described as ‘Lit’, it essentially means that it’s really exciting, fun, or impressive. This term is often used when talking about events or gatherings like parties or games that are thrilling and enjoyable.

It’s pretty much the same as saying the event is ‘turnt’ or ‘turn up’. This means the party or event has reached a high level of fun and excitement, often with the involvement of alcohol or drugs.

So, if you hear someone saying the party was ‘lit’, they are basically saying it was an awesome party. It’s a popular term among youngsters and frequently used in casual conversations.

Example for using ‘Lit’ in a conversation

Hey, did you go to that party last night?

Yeah, it was lit! The music was so good and everyone was dancing.

That sounds awesome! I wish I could’ve been there.

It was definitely a lit night. You missed out!