What does Llello mean?


Llello is a slang word from Spanish that’s often used when talking about the highly addictive drug, cocaine. This word sometimes gets spelled incorrectly as Yayo.

On the social media platform, Instagram, Llello is frequently used with a hashtag (#) in posts that are related to cocaine. This allows users to easily find and engage with posts of similar content.

It’s crucial to be aware of such slang terms, especially in the context of social media where they are often used. Understanding the meaning behind these words can prevent misunderstandings and keep users informed about the content they are engaging with.

Example for using ‘Llello’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen my new Instagram post? πŸ”₯

Yeah, I saw it! Nice pic! 😎

Thanks! I used the #llello hashtag, you know what that means? 😏

Haha, yeah! It’s slang for cocaine, right? 🀫