What does LL&P stand for?

Live long and prosper

If you’re a fan of the legendary Star Trek series, you’ve likely heard of the phrase LL&P. This acronym is simply short for “live long and prosper.” It’s an iconic line often used by the character Spock.

Star Trek enthusiasts, also known as Trekkies, commonly use this term in conversation. It’s a way for them to wish you well, in the style of their favorite show. Just like in the series, LL&P can often be seen paired with a special hand gesture – the Vulcan salute.

In text form, you might see this acronym followed by a hand emoji. This emoji is supposed to mimic the Vulcan salute. So, if you see this, you can be sure that LL&P is a friendly sign off meaning “live long and prosper”.

Example for using ‘LL&P’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the new Star Trek episode last night?

Yeah, it was epic! Spock was amazing as always.

I agree! Loved his final line in the episode.

LL&P πŸ––