What does LOC stand for?

Lines of code

When you hear the term ‘LOC’, it’s a short form used by people who make software. It stands for ‘Lines of Code’, and it’s all about the number of lines that are part of a software’s source code.

Generally, the bigger the number of lines in the code, the longer it probably took to make the software and the larger its size would be. That’s what ‘LOC’ is all about.

If someone wants to get really detailed about how many lines of code there are, they might use terms like ‘KLOC’, ‘MLOC’, or ‘GLOC’. KLOC means 1,000 lines of code, MLOC means 1,000,000, and GLOC means a whopping 1,000,000,000 lines of code!

Example for using ‘LOC’ in a conversation

Hey, how’s the new software coming along?

It’s going well! I’ve been working on it for a while now.

Nice! How many LOC do you think it has?

I’m not sure yet, but I think it’s around 10,000 LOC.