What does Looksmaxxing mean?

Trying to make your look better

Looksmaxxing, also known as looksmaxing, is all about a person’s efforts to boost their physical appeal. It’s a term that’s widely used by the incel community, referring to the various methods they apply to reach their ideal looks.

The suffix ‘maxxing’ is borrowed from the gaming lingo, specifically from the phrase ‘min-maxing.’ In a role-playing game, min-maxing is a strategy where a player aims to maximize a specific attribute, even if it means neglecting others. The incel community adopted this concept around 2014, using the ‘-maxxing’ suffix to indicate self-improvement endeavors.

Looksmaxxing is one of the first terms that adopted the -maxxing suffix, which is not surprising given the incel community’s intense focus on physical appearance. There are other ‘-maxxing’ terms too, like socialmaxxing, which is about enhancing social skills, and moneymaxxing, which is about improving financial status.

Those who practice looksmaxxing, or looksmaxxers, employ a variety of methods to try and enhance their looks. The less extreme strategies, commonly known as softmaxxing, might involve changes in diet, consistent exercise, using supplements, and following specific skin and hair care routines. More aggressive approaches, often referred to as hardmaxxing, could involve using steroids, undergoing plastic surgery, or getting hair transplants or removal.

Example for using ‘Looksmaxxing’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of looksmaxxing? πŸ€”

Yeah, I have! It’s all about improving your appearance, right? 😊

Exactly! It’s like trying different techniques to look better, from skincare routines to even surgery. πŸ’ͺ

Oh wow, I didn’t know it could be that extreme. But I guess everyone has their own goals. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ