What does LRU stand for?

Least Recently Used

LRU stands for “least recently used”. This slang term is commonly used by tech enthusiasts. It’s often associated with the files on your computer that you haven’t opened in a while.

For instance, some system scanning programs give you the option to organize your files by LRU or MRU (most recently used). So, if you choose LRU, the files you haven’t touched for the longest time will be shown first.

But LRU isn’t just about the files on your computer. It can also refer to the files that are gathering dust on your external hard drive or stored in the cloud. Basically, anything that falls under the category of last-used data can be referred to as LRU.

It’s worth noting that sometimes, you might find LRU being used in a non-technical context. While it’s rare, the term can be used to refer to anything that hasn’t been used recently.

Example for using ‘LRU’ in a conversation

Hey, do you know what LRU means?

Yeah, it stands for “Least Recently Used”.

Oh, got it! So it’s like the files on my computer that I haven’t accessed in a while?

Exactly! It’s the files you’ve accessed the least recently.