What does Lumber mean in Baseball?

Baseball bat

In the world of baseball, you might hear the term ‘lumber’. This is a fun way of talking about the bat, which is usually made out of wood. It’s often used to talk about a strong hit or a player who can really smack the ball a long way.

For instance, an announcer might say, “Sanchez really got some good lumber on that one, hitting his 45th home run of the season.” Or, if fans are discussing who has the most power in the team, they might say, “Martinez sure brings the lumber, it’s surprising he’s not the cleanup hitter.”

The use of the term ‘lumber’ in baseball comes from the fact that bats are made out of wood, also known as lumber. We don’t know who first started using this term, but it has been a part of baseball talk since the early 1900s.

Since only wooden bats are allowed in Major League Baseball (MLB), this term is most commonly used in relation to MLB players and those in the minor leagues. But, you might also hear it used in lower levels of the sport where metal bats are used.

Example for using ‘Lumber’ in a conversation

Did you watch the game yesterday? That new guy really brought the lumber!

Yeah, that was insane. He smashed three home runs!

I know, right? Haven’t seen that kind of lumber in a while.

Definitely. He’s got a bright future ahead of him if he keeps swinging like that.