What does LYMI stand for?

Love you, mean it

When your loved ones, such as your family, companions, or partner say LYMI, they’re telling you “love you, mean it.” This phrase is often used to convey deep affection, even if they might poke fun at you or scold you at times.

Contrastingly, if someone sends you 143, ILU, or ILY, it means they’re expressing love but perhaps not with the same level of sincerity. The LYMI acronym has a unique significance, demonstrating a genuine sentiment of love.

So if you get a DULM (do you love me) message, a fitting response could be LYMI. However, in such situations, it might be more meaningful to articulate your emotions in full sentences or even better, over a phone call.

Example for using ‘LYMI’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m so tired today. Work was crazy!

LYMI! You’re a hard worker and I appreciate all that you do. Take some rest.

Thank you! I needed to hear that. I love you too. 😊

No problem! LYMI always, even when I tease you. ❀️