Making It Rain

What does Making It Rain mean in basketball?

Scoring 3-pointers regularly

When you hear the phrase ‘Making It Rain’ in basketball, it’s typically referring to a player nailing a series of 3-point shots. Think of it like this: the ball arcs high in the air and falls into the hoop, similar to a raindrop falling from the sky.

This slang is often used when a player is on a roll, or as they say in basketball, when they’re “feeling it” or “hot.” So, if someone like LeBron James sinks four 3-pointers one after the other, you’d say he’s making it rain.

It’s a phrase that you’ll commonly hear during college and NBA games, both from announcers and from the players themselves. For instance, right after someone like Stephen Curry pulls off a fantastic jump shot and the ball’s in the air, he might shout out, “Let it rain!”

Example for using ‘Making It Rain’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the basketball game last night?

Yeah, it was insane! Did you see that player making it rain?

Totally! He was hitting those 3-point shots like crazy!

I know, right? Every shot he took was like a raindrop falling into the net!