What does Mash mean in baseball?

Smashing the ball hard in baseball

When a baseball player is knocking it out of the park, you could say they’re ‘Mashing’. It’s a slang term used in the sport when someone is really good at hitting the ball.

Not only can ‘Mash’ refer to a single instance of a well-hit ball, but it can also describe a series of successful hits. So, if a player like Mike is consistently making great hits, you could say Mike is ‘Mashing’!

The term ‘Mash’ is also linked to another baseball slang word – ‘tater’. ‘Tater’ is a fun way of saying home run. When a player is ‘Mashing’, they’re essentially ‘mashing taters’ – hitting home runs!

Example for using ‘Mash’ in a conversation

Person 1: Hey, did you see that game last night?

Person 2: Yeah, it was insane! That player was totally mashing!

Person 1: I know, right? He hit three home runs!

Person 2: He’s on fire! Definitely one of the best mashers in the league.