What does MAU stand for?

Monthly active users

MAU stands for Monthly Active Users. This term is a key performance indicator that tells us how many individuals use a certain service within a one month timeframe. It’s a particularly important measure for those in the digital world – think social media platforms, mobile applications, and online gaming communities.

So how does one calculate MAU? It’s all about tracking unique visitors. Over the course of 30 days, the number of distinct users is counted. This gives a clear picture of how many people are actively and repeatedly engaging with a service on a monthly basis.

By keeping an eye on the MAU, developers gain valuable insights into user engagement. It offers a snapshot of how many people are not just visiting, but returning and interacting with their content each month.

Example for using ‘MAU’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about the new app everyone’s talking about?

Yeah, I think so. Is it the one with a lot of MAU?

Exactly! It has millions of monthly active users.

Wow, that’s impressive. It must be really popular then.