What does MBFA stand for in Baseball?

Make baseball fun again

MBFA stands for “make baseball fun again.” This acronym was born in 2016, intended to inspire Major League Baseball (MLB) players to enjoy the game more.

The term was introduced by an MLB player, not Bryce Harper but a fellow outfielder for the Washington Nationals, who stuck a visible sticker on his bat. This was seen by the audience when he stepped up to bat.

This player, like Harper, led the charge to change the rigid, old-fashioned etiquette of baseball. They encouraged players to express more emotion during the game. MBFA is often seen on social media platforms like Twitter, usually accompanied by a hashtag.

Example for using ‘MBFA’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the baseball game last night? πŸ˜„

Yeah, it was awesome! The players were really having fun. πŸ™ŒβšΎοΈ

I know, right? They’re totally embracing the MBFA movement. 😎

Definitely! It’s so refreshing to see them show more emotion. #MBFA 🀩