What does Meatball mean in Baseball?

A pitch that’s easy to hit, known as ‘Meatball’

When someone uses the slang term ‘Meatball’, they’re talking about a very easy pitch to hit in baseball. This usually happens when the pitcher is exhausted or in a situation where they absolutely need to throw a strike.

This term often shows up as “meatball served on a plate”. This paints a vivid picture of the pitcher throwing the ball straight down the middle of home plate. It’s like serving an easy opportunity for the batter to hit, just like serving a meatball on a plate.

So, if you ever hear someone referring to a ‘meatball’ during a baseball game, now you know they’re not talking about food. They’re describing a pitch that’s easy to smack out of the park.

Example for using ‘Meatball’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that pitch in the game? It was a total meatball! 🍝

Haha, yeah! Right down the middle of the plate. Easy hit for the batter. ⚾️

Definitely! The pitcher must have been tired or something. Can’t throw a meatball like that. πŸ˜…

I know, right? It’s like serving up a delicious meatball on a plate! πŸ˜‚