What does Meds mean?

Meds is slang for Medications

When you hear the term ‘Meds’, it’s short for medical prescriptions. These are commonly prescribed by doctors for various health problems or illnesses.

It’s a common term used in everyday conversation. For example, someone might say, “I need to pick up my meds” when they’re referring to their prescription medications.

Just remember, ‘Meds’ is a casual, simple way of talking about medical prescriptions. It’s one of those slang terms that’s become part of our daily language, especially when discussing health matters.

Example for using ‘Meds’ in a conversation

Feeling so weak today 😔

Aw, why? What’s up?

I forgot to take my 🩺Meds🩺 this morning.

Oh no! Remember to take them regularly. They’re important for your health!