What does Mhm mean?


Mhm is a shorthand way of saying “mm-hmm”, essentially meaning “yes.” It’s a term you’ll typically see in text messages or online chats as a response to a question.

This slang is more relaxed and often used in informal settings, such as between friends. It’s not a term you’d likely use in a serious or formal conversation.

Also, Mhm carries a playful tone. It’s generally used in happy, carefree situations. So, if you’re in a light-hearted chat, this slang could be an apt choice!

Example for using ‘Mhm’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the new episode of that show?

Mhm! It was so good! 🙌

Right? I loved that plot twist! 😮

Mhm, it totally caught me by surprise! 🤯