What does MLBPA stand for in Baseball?

Major League Baseball Players Association

When you hear the term MLBPA, it’s all about baseball. MLBPA stands for “Major League Baseball Players Association”. This group is the voice for all the players in Major League Baseball. It represents everyone on the 40-man rosters across the 30 Major League Baseball teams.

The birth of the MLBPA dates back to 1956, created by the players themselves. Still, it didn’t get formal recognition until a decade later in 1966. The MLBPA is more than just a representative body, it’s a combination of a labor union, a Players Choice Group Licensing Program, and a Players Trust charitable foundation.

The MLBPA membership is open to a wide range of individuals. Not only the players but also coaches, managers, and athletic trainers who have ever held a contract with a Major League Baseball team are eligible for MLBPA membership.

Example for using ‘MLBPA’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new agreement between MLB and the MLBPA?

Yeah, the MLBPA negotiated some great benefits for the players!

I heard they secured better healthcare and increased minimum salaries.

That’s awesome! The MLBPA really looks out for the players’ interests.