What does MNF stand for in Football?

Monday Night Football

MNF is an acronym that’s all about football. Specifically, it’s tied to the live Monday night broadcasts of NFL games. You’ll often hear sports fans tossing around this term when talking about the week’s upcoming games.

These games aren’t just any games. They’re prime time matchups between two teams, all aired on ESPN. So when you hear someone mention MNF, you know they’re getting ready for some top-tier football action.

MNF played a big part in boosting the NFL’s popularity. How? Well, it brought the games to the whole country during peak TV viewing hours in the evening. This was a big deal because it meant everyone, not just the regions of the teams playing, could tune in.

Here’s a fun fact: MNF wasn’t always an ESPN thing. From 1970 to 2005, it was actually aired on ABC. But regardless of the channel, the spirit of MNF—exciting prime time football—has remained the same.

Example for using ‘MNF’ in a conversation

Hey, are we still on for MNF tonight?

Absolutely! Wouldn’t miss the game for the world.

Great! I’m really looking forward to seeing who wins.

Me too! MNF is always a highlight of my week.