What does Mocktail mean?

A cocktail without alcohol

A mocktail is a cocktail that doesn’t contain any alcohol. It’s a great option for those who wish to avoid alcohol for various reasons, including pregnancy, recovery from addiction, or personal choice.

These drinks are particularly popular among women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people recovering from alcohol addiction, or those who simply choose not to consume alcohol. The goal of a mocktail is to provide the enjoyment of a cocktail without the potential negative effects of alcohol.

Mocktails have also gained popularity among children who want to mimic their parents’ drinks but are too young to consume alcohol. However, this could potentially spark a desire in them to drink real alcohol in the future.

Example for using ‘Mocktail’ in a conversation

Hey, I found this cool new place that serves mocktails!

Oh, what are mocktails?

They’re non-alcoholic cocktails, perfect for people who don’t drink or can’t have alcohol.

That’s awesome! So, they have all the flavors without the alcohol?