Mom Bro

What does Mom Bro mean?

A guy who is super protective

A Mom Bro is basically a guy who acts like a protective mom. This individual is generally a young adult or teenager who takes on the role of a friend or mentor, safeguarding others just like a mother does for her children.

Although the exact origin of this term is not known, it gained popularity when it was used by Caleb McLaughlin. He is an actor from the popular show Stranger Things, and he used the term ‘Mom Bro’ to describe his co-star, Joe Keery. Keery was known to be protective of his younger co-stars, even going to the extent of defending them online from inappropriate comments.

The actions of a Mom Bro can range from standing up against bullies for someone, ensuring the safety of others in a risky situation, to giving others some helpful advice. This term is not gender-specific and can be used to describe anyone who exhibits this protective and caring behavior.

So, if you have a friend who always has your back, who steps in to protect you, and provides guidance when needed, you might just have your very own Mom Bro in your life.

Example for using ‘Mom Bro’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see how John stood up to those bullies?

Yeah, he’s such a mom bro. Always looking out for others.

Totally! He’s like a protective big brother to everyone.

Exactly! Mom bros like him make the world a better place.